Thursday, May 12, 2011

Oklahoma Fun

We had a wonderful time in Oklahoma for Aunt Kim and Uncle Austin's wedding. The wedding was beautiful and our boys did fantastic. 

While we were away, made leaps and bounds as far as walking goes....he is getting much closer to actual walking and is so proud of himself when he holds on to someone and takes a few steps! (He is SUPER fast crawling and when he stands he tends to throw himself at you rather than moving his legs...its funny to watch, but scary when he speedily crawls to some steps then throws himself down the steps before anyone has time to catch him....poor baby had a scabbed nose and red/bruised forehead for the beautiful wedding pictures!!! OOPS)

Holding hands with Daddy and Grandpa

 Maddox playing with some toys at the farm

Pax enjoying some water from Grandma's cup (LOVES drinking from someones cup)

Grandpa and Maddox playing on the swing much fun

Brothers having fun

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