Friday, November 19, 2010

Learning from the Kiddos

I love how God blesses our lives with children, whom we are to guide, raise, teach, feed, bathe, comfort and provide all things for; however, while doing all the tasks we are called to do a God fearing parents, He uses these children to teach US. These two boys are constantly teaching me new things and opening my eyes more and more to the love that the Lord has for us.
Paxton is in a "phase" right now (I hope it is just a phase) where he cries heavily if I set him down, or take two steps away from him, or turn my back, or heaven forbid leave the room that he is in. He has the saddest and most pathetic pout lip and a cry that makes you think you just ripped his little heart right out of his chest. During the evening time he loves to play with his daddy (as long as I am in the room as well) and lights up when he sees Brad for the first time when he gets home from work. Paxton LOVES his daddy, there is no doubt about it; however, there is just something about ME, his mommy that he LONGS for and even demands. God has opened my eyes to the simple truth that I should feel that way about the Lord. I should have a longing so embedded in my soul to seek the Lord and His truth that I will not be happy unless I am face to face with His goodness and Grace. I should not allow any other good thing in this world take the place of my Jesus!!

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