Thursday, March 26, 2015


I had my second Parent/Teacher conference for Mr. Paxton James today with his sweet sweet teacher, Mrs. Leaverton! Albeit, yes, he is simply in PreK and this is not a major conference to most people; however, with Paxton's social/emotional "issues" I was equally eager and anxious for this conference!
Let me first document, there is absolutely NO doubt in my mind that we have our children at the best school around! We started the conference looking at where Pax is academically. He is soaring! Way above where he needs to be in order to be ready for Kindergarten! His teacher mentioned on several occasions that there is nothing he cannot do when he is taught new things, and he does them all wonderfully!! Way to go my smart boy!!! We moved on to discussing his social/emotional needs. I love how sweet his teacher approached this issue. She began by saying "I have no doubt that the Lord has created Paxton to change the world in amazing ways. He is not afraid to question, argue and plead his view on anything and everything!" Ha. Kind of a double sided complement and area of frustration for all of us with Mr. P. He is SO opinionated, passionate and down right argumenative. The weird part is, for most kids, they would have learned already that YOU never get your way by arguing with me or your teacher. His teacher is strict and kind. She does not give in to him and neither do we. He has quite the battle to face with this personality trait, BUT I loved the gentle reminder, that the Lord created Paxton exactly the way he wanted him. He has major plans for him and HE needs Paxton to be a strong strong boy in order to accomplish HIS will.
We are all in agreement that Paxton is beyond ready for Kindergarten academically and he will just have to fight through his natural tendencies and continue to grow and mature socially and emotionally!!
Now, I just about lost it sitting in the tiny PreK chairs, holding hands with his sweet teacher as she prayed over our family and Paxton. She mentioned just how perfect the Lord created Paxton, how sweet he is and what an amazing child he is! I just love the love she has for him even on the most difficult of days!!!
Paxton James, you have come SO far this school year. You are a kind boy, you are making sweet friends, you are super duper smart and you are maturing SO so much!! We are so proud of you buddy!

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