Monday, October 10, 2016


There are days when being a mom to three children is flat out exhausting. It is relientless, tiring and just flat out nasty sometimes. There are plenty of days where I desperately want to hide away from all of the work. The discipline the homework helper,the meal planner,the driver, the washer of clothes and the vitamin giver, the brush your teeth reminder-er, the use self control advice giver-er. Sometimes it's too much. 
And then there are moments like today that make me stop in my tracks and I look at all the work and I am thankful. Oh so thankful for these 3 precious beings that need me for everything. That require guidance from me, because I am the one that gets to capture moments like these:
A moment when the 8 year old promised his 4 year old sister a 'birthday tea-party for elmo'. A moment that made me so honored to be their mom. A moment that didn't need discipline or guidance, but needed praise as I stood, teary eyed, watching these two together. 
Sure, parenting is hard, but moments like these remind me that it is all worth it. 

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