Thursday, July 14, 2011

Paxton Update

I took Paxton for his first assessment with the speech therapist yesterday. Everything went really well. They watched him play for a little while and tried to interact with him, but he really wanted nothing to do with them and clung to my leg for most of the visit. It was good that he acted like he normally does, so they could get an accurate read on him. They believe his receptive language (his ability to comprehend what is being spoken to him) is right on track if not ahead of where he should be. His expressive language on the other hand is pretty delayed. He should be babbling a lot more than he is and should be using different consonant sounds and imitating speech more frequently than he is. This came as no surprise to either of us. We have watched Paxton and just feel he should be talking or at least attempting to talk more than he has been. They feel it will not take much therapy to bridge the gap from where he is now to where he should be. It is tough because he is a boy (usually talk later than girls), he is the second born (who can't get a word in edgewise) and he was preterm. Poor kid has a lot of obstacles against him as far as language is concerned.
As far as eating goes. Oh my goodness, Paxton has just taken off and is doing fantastic with eating. I have discovered that he will NOT eat a single bite of food if I try to spoon feed it to him; however, if I let him hold the spoon (with some help of course) then he will eat and eat and eat. We haven't had any issues this week getting him to eat! Whew, what a relief.
The speech therapist suggested that at our next visit they will let him see an occupational therapist as well. She wants to make sure he does not have a sensory disorder which would contribute to his increasing fear of strangers, small places, dark places, loud noises or anything out of the ordinary. I am thankful that someone will asses him for this because his fears are become more frequently and increasing in his fright to certain things. He could just be fearful and a cautious little one; however, I just don't want to over look something that will cause more issues for him in the future. He is at such an easy age to help with any small problem and I pray I can learn and gain all the tools I need to help my boys as much as I can (without being an overbearing and worry-wort of a mom....there is a fine line people...a fine line).
Since his appointment yesterday, Paxton has said "Pup" for puppy. "CaCa" for Car, "Ink" for drink and attempted to babble more than usual. Ha. This kid. He does everything on HIS OWN TIMING and reminds us of that on a daily basis. 

 Wanted to share this cute picture of how curly Paxton's hair is after a bath. Oh so precious

Despite the aggressive look on Maddox's face, the boys were really have a "moment" here in this picture. They have started hugging and it is the cutest thing I have witnessed as a mom to two boys! They have been so sweet to each other this week. (We have also eliminated Paxton's paci during the day. I know it was such a comfort for him, but there is no way we will make progress with his speech with that silly paci in his mouth so much...he has done so well without it)

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