Friday, July 29, 2011

Little Stinkers

This little stinker had 4 teeth break through TODAY. Sheesh, poor little man, that mouth full of soon to be teeth can't feel good (and believe you me, he has made that known to anyone near him). Thankful that he is feeling a little relief for now. Can you see that he is getting ready to cut about 8 more!!!

Oh and by the way, this is the face he makes if you ask him to smile!! it!

This little stinker has spent the past week in Oklahoma City with his grandma, grandpa and sweet aunts and uncles. He is having a blast, but this house sure is quiet (well, not TOO quiet with Paxton's teething adventure) and we miss that spunky spirit of his!!
Oh and by the way, this is Maddox pretending to be Captain America!! Loving his vivid imagination these days!!!

And THIS little stinker (ME) is currently working on a long post of our trip to Oklahoma City to visit Brad's family and our family reunion in Tulsa!! 

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