Thursday, November 17, 2011

Quick Healing

Man, it has been one interesting week and at the end we are able to reflect and see how extremely blessed we are.
Last Friday evening my wonderful, amazing, loving, super talented, fun, spirited Husband was gently riding his dirt bike (in the back yard....seriously, not going fast, not showing off for anyone..there wasn't even anyone outside with him) and he had an accident, hit a tree and broke his left wrist. Oh poor guy. He was such a trooper and thought it really wasn't broken because he could move it (although it was very swollen and very painful to move around). He desperately did not want to admit that his wrist was broken; however, after a lot of convincing (okay, more like nagging) from his beautiful wife, he went for an X-ray (two days later) and discovered that yes it was in fact broken and possibly needed surgery. Thankfully, after seeing the orthopedic surgeon it was determined that it was a good, clean break and all he would need is a nice, lovely, red cast; although, it might not stay a red cast for long. He is getting a new cast tomorrow because the swelling has gone down. Maddox has requested that daddy gets a blue cast because "blue is my favorite color of course"! We are so blessed that we are only dealing with a broken arm!
This Wednesday I took Maddox to the doctor because he had a nasty, persistent cough (usually only in the late evening or early morning) and while it was not frequent nor seemed to bother him at all, it sounded horrible and was not getting any better. The doctor checked his ears and his left one was already getting red and on its way to another ear infection, but the sounds in his lungs were the most alarming to the doctor. The doctor sent us for a chest x-ray and to my surprise, Maddox has pnemonia. Luckily we caught it pretty early and we were able to go home without any breathing treatments. Maddox is on a strong antibiotic and we will see the doctor again on Monday to see how he is doing. The crazy part is, is that he seems completely fine. He says he feels great and wonders what all the fuss is about. Oh so thankful. Such a serious diagnosis and yet, he is feeling fantastic.
Paxton is doing so well. He is starting to say a few more words on occasion and he has been in a much better mood the last few weeks. He plays hard all day long and is much more content throughout the day. He is eating very well and meal times are becoming less stressful everyday. We have a speech therapist coming to the house the week after Thanksgiving to assess Paxton and give us some guidance on how to help him.
The two boys together are learning that they have a permeant play buddy. While at times they argue over toys and get frustrated with each other, there are more times throughout the day when you can find them kindly playing together (well, that is until someone takes a toy away from the other one). They can make each other laugh the deepest, hardest belly laugh and they feed silliness off of each other. I have a feeling our world is about to get a little crazy with a preschooler and a toddler boy chasing each other around and simply being silly together. I am so thankful that the boys are getting closer and interacting more and more on a daily basis!
Our lives have been a little crazy lately, but we are so blessed and so thankful for our health and quick healings!

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