Monday, November 14, 2011

Sweet Conversation with Maddox

Today we were at Hobby Lobby admiring all the Christmas decor and picking out a small Christmas tree for Maddox to have in his room. We were oohing and awwing over all the pretty lights and glittery decor and I was quizzing Maddox on why we really celebrate Christmas. We were discussing how Jesus came as a baby and he saved us from when we make wrong choices. We also talked about Santa and how fun it is to get new presents at Christmas.
We talked about making cookies on Christmas Eve so we could sing Jesus "Happy Birthday" and maybe even leave a few out for Santa when he comes that night also (can you tell that it is a little difficult to teach the true meaning of Christmas AND Santa, but it is oh so fun at this age with Maddox).
Maddox went on to ask "When we celebrate Jesus' Birthday, will HE come to our house?"
I tried to explain that Jesus is always with us because he lives in our hearts. He is always at our house.
Maddox continued with "Well, I wish that Jesus would get out of my heart so I could give Him a hug. Right now when I want to hug Jesus, I just have to hug myself!!"

Oh sweet Maddox, your spunky and loving spirit gives me joy on a daily basis!!
Love you little man!!!

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