Saturday, December 24, 2011

Polar Express

All Aboard!! Last weekend we had the privilege of going on the Polar Express. My mom does a great job at planning this adventure for us and creating amazing memories for the kiddos. (Thanks again mom for planning ahead, getting the tickets and making sure we all had a wonderful time on the Polar Express).
This year, we did not take Paxton with us. He is absolutely terrified of Santa (when he sees him he screams, starts shaking and will not stop is so sad) and Paxton is very anti-social and is not a fan of strangers; thus, a 2 hour train ride with strangers, elves and Santa would be absolutely miserable for the little man. I am hoping next year he won't be so scared and we can enjoy the train ride with him as well!!
While Paxton did not accompany us on the Polar Express, I did dress him in his Santa Pajamas and he went to Rosas's with us before the train ride, then he and Brad had a good evening just the two of them!!!

My sweet boys. Oh so cute in their precious Christmas Jammies!!

Sweet hugs!!

Before the train ride, me, Brad, Maddox, Paxton, my mom, Kameron, Mollie, and Momma Shelly (Kameron's mom) met at Rosa's for dinner together!

Waiting to get on the train. Can you tell he was excited?

Meeting the conductor!!

Finally on the train!!! Yippee

Me and my oldest little guy!!! Gosh I love this kid!

Sweet memories

Checking everything out!

MOM!!! We get to have HOT CHOCOLATE!!!!

What a sweet bond these two have!

Yummy sugar cookies!

Maddox and the Elf. 

Getting a nice chat with Santa. Maddox asked for "all kinds of Batman stuff"

Yummmy. Just a little cool whip mustache from his yummy hot chocolate

The sweet Elf Buttercup dancing with the Madd-man

I do believe these two had a wonderful time together on the Polar Express!!!

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