Sunday, September 23, 2012

A little of this A little of that

Maddox loves school! He loves playing with his new friends, he adores his teacher and he loves learning new things. He is learning how to write the letter A and the sounds that accompany this letter. He is learning to write the number 0 and that 0 means NONE. He is learning some Spanish and thinks it is funny to ask me my name in Spanish "Como te llamas?" He has easily made new friends and his favorite friend is a little girl. How fun. He has some awesome kids in his class and a fantastic teacher. I am so thankful to watch him grow so much in just a few short weeks.

Paxton is still adjusting to going to school and being away from momma. He is gradually learning to love his teacher and find comfort from her. He is learning to enjoy nap time (the whole process is so exhausting for him, I think he looks forward to the time when he gets to lay on his nap mat). He struggles the most when transitioning from one task to another. He cries when they leave the room to go to the gym or outside or anything like that. We talk all the time about how momma will always come back to get him and that school is a fun place. I am praying for progress in all of these areas for my littlest guy. I pray he will find comfort at school, that he will make friends and learn to be more social. I pray this year is a growing year that helps him find confidence without me around. I pray this year provides the growth that he needs to catch up developmentally to his peers. He still has about a 30% delay in his expressive language and does not talk much at all right now at school. I know he is in good hands during the day, I simply pray the Lord gives me what I need to help guide and grow him into the little boy he is intended to be and that his social anxiety will not be something he struggles with for much longer.

Harper Grace is doing fabulously. She is now 12 weeks old. She is napping really well and sleeping beautifully at night. I am still getting up with her at least once a night to feed her, but she easily goes back to sleep (in her swing) and for that I am extremely thankful. I am not sure when we will try the transition from swing sleep to bed sleep because this is working very well for us and I am beyond grateful for the rest!

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