Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Having a daughter is the greatest gift I never knew I really needed.  Harper has completed our family in a way we never knew was lacking. The squeals, cries, sweet smiles and frills are all new in our world. The boys cry/cried squealed and smiled, but they did all of these things in a way that was very much BOY. Their cries were more demanding, their squeals just had a much more masculine sound to them....they were all boy from the minute they entered the world and I am beyond thankful for that! We are now experiencing a more pitiful cry from miss Harper. She pouts and it melts your soul. She smiles and her entire tiny body smiles. She locks eyes with you and everything else stops. 
The boys agree. Maddox loves to stare at her when her eyes are open and he gets so excited when he sees her smile. He loves to see her all dressed up with a pretty bow and always comments on how pretty she is! Paxton loves to lay beside her when she is laying on the ground and he talks and giggles with her. 

Before we had Harper, Brad picked out this little outfit for her. I think she looked absolutely adorable in it!

Love that smile of hers

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Sarah said...

She is so beautiful! I would say that is a pretty sweet addition to complete your family with! We love you Harper Grace!