Wednesday, November 7, 2012


I am sitting in Harper's room as we attempt to get her to sleep in her crib. I am rocking in the recliner...the same recliner that I spent many hours rocking both Maddox and Paxton. I am listening to a baby lullaby CD....the same CD that Maddox slept with for nearly 18 months and the same CD that Paxton refused to listen to. It is so funny how each child brings something so unique and so special to our family.
Maddox, with his never ending questions and his ability to carry on conversations like a grown up. He is so inquisitive, smart, creative and  imaginative. He is extremely social and always prefers to play with someone...anyone, rather than being alone. Everything is black and white. Rules must be followed. People are either mean or nice and there is a hard time distinguishing when someone is playing or joking.
Paxton is full of life, prefers to play alone and mimics almost everything his big brother does. He is a jokester, he has a temper, he has the best laugh and marches to the beat of his own drum. He likes things a certain way and gets very upset if they are moved around. He likes structure but enjoys rocking the boat as well.
Harper is joyful, snuggly, smily, beautiful and has every single one of us wrapped around her tiny little finger. I love the fact that as our family has grown, our love for each of them grows as well. I have learned to love the parts about them that make them individuals and different from each other; however, I am thankful that there are portions of their lives that I can share the same memories with each of them.
I will always remember listening to this lullaby CD with Maddox as we rocked and rocked and rocked during the night when he absolutely would not sleep. I will always remember that he would not sleep without this music playing. I will always remember the fact that Paxton did not like listening to the music at bedtime, he preferred the quiet and just wanted to be held closely. And now, for the first time, I am gaining a memory with Harper as she peacefully sleeps in her bed for the first time with me rocking in the recline listening to the lullaby CD and thanking Jesus for our wonderful wonderful blessings.

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