Monday, November 19, 2012


Our sweet, stubborn, strong willed, spirited, spunky, hilarious, youngest boy, Paxton James is truly growing up right before our eyes. He is talking up a storm and has quite the personality. Sure, sharing is not his strong suit and he is easily annoyed when others are in his space or move his beloved toys, but he is growing  into a smart, fun loving little boy. He can now count to twenty, knows most of his shapes and colors and can easily repeat anything he hears. He knows all the letters in his name; however, when asked how to spell his name he says "p-x-a-x-t-x-o-x-n-x" Ha. Guess he really likes that 'x'.
 He can carry on a conversation, but we often have to remind him to simply use his words rather than get so frustrated. He is a blast to watch play. He is so creative and can build some pretty amazing structures with his blocks. He still loves cars and trains. He loves his big blue blanket, ribbit and his paci. He has now started saying "hi" to everyone he sees and although he is a stubborn two year old, he is very polite with his please and thank yous. He has recently started begging for things when he is told no. He will say "pleeeeeeaaaaaaasssseeee" Ugg, drives me bonkers, but at least he is polite about it. Ha.
Paxton loves his big brother. He has recently started climbing the ladder to get on Maddox's bed to snuggle.....while this is cute, it is dangerous, thus the ladder has been removed from the bunk beds once Maddox is in his bed. He also loves his little sister. He likes to see her smile and always tries to give her a pacifier. He adores his daddy. Paxton loves playing wrestle and "flying" with daddy. He is pretty smitten with me as well. He gives amazing hugs and randomly says "I miss you mommy" if he has been in the other room playing for a bit.
Oh Paxton James, you are so much fun and so challenging all at the same time. I am so proud of how far you have come this year and I love to watch you break out of your shell more and more everyday. Love you sweet boy.

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