Saturday, March 23, 2013


Welp, the inevitable has occured. We have a mobile infant in our house. EEK. Harper Grace has started crawling. The world as we knew it is changing as our youngest now maneuvers her little body around the house. She is pretty content (for the time being) to stay near her toys and where we are, but I am sure that time is limited as her curiosity begins to take over. I suppose it is time to create a gated community for her and limit the ability to obtain a smaller toy from one of her brothers. She has also mastered the task of getting to a sitting position all by herself. This is a huge help and she enjoys being able to get to a toy and then sit back up. The video monitor in her room has been so fun as I am able to watch her in action as she attempts to sit and crawl in her crib. It is such a bitter sweet milestone for me. On one hand I am so happy to watch our baby girl grow and conquer new tasks and get stronger while on the other hand I know that this new found means of transportation is a clear sign that our little one is getting bigger and growing up. Is it inappropriate to gently push her down as she tries to crawl simply so I can have a few more months with my baby? I kid. I guess it's time to strap my boots on and prepare myself for a new part in our journey!! Oh sweet and newly mobile Harper Grace, we are so proud of your new found skills!!!

Such a happy crawler

Crawling in her crib

Excited to get to her toys all by herself

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