Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easter Parties

Today the boys both had Easter parties at school. I am so blessed to be able to join both boys and watch them interact at school. Maddox's party was first today. His party started off by making Salvation bracelets. These bracelets had different colored beads that the kids placed on them while Mrs. Colley talked them through the meaning of each color of bead.
Purple-Jesus is the king
Green-God made everything
Orange-God makes each new day
Yellow-Jesus is the light and the way
Black-the sin in our hearts
White-Jesus washed our sins away and now we are white as snow
Red-reminder of the blood Jesus shed for us
Pink-Jesus loves us

I loved watching Maddox make this bracelet and repeat back to his teacher what all the colors meant! After the bracelet making the kids had a snack while the moms hid their eggs. They then hunted the eggs and played with their friends! It was a great party. After the party Maddox, Harper, Brad and I went to lunch and then Maddox and I headed to Paxton's party. (Thanks again mom for letting Harper nap at your girl was all partied out!)

Paxton's party was this afternoon and his was simply an egg hunt. All the kids were super excited and Paxton didn't skip a beat. He found a lot of eggs and had a great time!! Maddox really enjoyed watching Paxton hunt for eggs and they had fun checking out Paxton's goodies.
Fun day!!

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