Monday, April 1, 2013

9 Months Old

Harper Grace turned 9 months old on the 29th. Sheesh, I just want to make time stand still for a little while and cherish the time I still have with her as a baby! She is just so sweet. She has the greatest smile and the most laid back personality...not to mention that her daddy and brothers and I find her absolutely adorable.
What are you up to at 9 months old:
-weigh about 18 pounds
-wear size 9 month clothes
-size 2 shoe
-size 3 diaper
-you eat 7 ounces of Similac Sensitive every 3 hours durning the day
-you don't eat a ton of solid food yet. Sometimes you love it and other times you refuse it completely
-you sleep from 7pm to 8 or 9am (most nights you sleep solid throughout the night and then occassionally you will wake up about 4am and need a really are a wonderful sleeper)
-we had to lower your crib all the way down because you sit up in bed and started to try to pull yourself to a standing position
-you have started crawling. You enjoy your new found freedom to obtain any toy or cord you can find and yet you are still content to sit and play with your toys
-you still have zero teeth and I really don't see a glimps of any tooth buds
-you have become very playful especially when I change your diaper. You pull my arm down across your chest and giggle. It is so cute
-you cry when you are hungry or sleepy and other than that you are super content to play and crawl around
-you have started saying the 'b' and 'd' sound and daddy swears he heard you say "momma"
-you can wave "bye-bye" Oh this is so precious. You usually wave backwards (hand facing your self) and eventually you move your fingers to your mouth and strum your lips!
-you are just so easy to be around
-you are such a joy and a blessing to our family
Harper Grace, you are one loved little girl!

this particular face is accompanied with a smacking sound with your lips. apparently you really like to suck your bottom lip under and smack away

not too sure what to think about the grass

melt my heart (it must be noted that she is smiling at Maddox in this picture. Harper Grace absolutely adores her brothers. I do believe the feeling is mutual.

(You celebrated your first Easter.....mommy had so much fun picking out a beautiful dress for you to wear to celebrate our risen Savior! The most important celebration of your life baby girl!)

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