Sunday, April 28, 2013


What an absolutely amazing weekend!!! We celebrated Paxton's third birthday and my best friend Sarah, her twins and her hubby came and spent the weekend with us!!! Sarah is such a sweet friend and was my dearest friend during my journey to motherhood. She has such a special relationship with my kiddos (especially Maddox since they lived here when he was little bitty and was at the birth of both Paxton and Harper!) I am sad because I don't get to love on her babies like she did with mine, so these special trips when all our kiddos are together are certainly very sweet to me! I love watching our kids become friends.
We decided to brave it and load up all 5 kids ages 5, 3, 17 months (times two) and 9 months and head over to the science spectrum for some exploration fun!!! The kids did great and we all had so much fun together!! This was my favorite adventure yet as we watched our children become friends and play play play!!

All loaded up and ready to go
Waiting to head into the Children's Museum
Row Row Row your boat....Mason's going over board
Grocery shopping

Future news team
Baby girl had a good time too
Getting sleepy
Sweet sweet friends in the making

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Sarah said...

Seriously so much fun! The kids were awesome! We really will have to plan a big summer trip to stay with you guys and do it and the jumping place again! Love you guys!