Friday, April 19, 2013

Paxton is 3

Three years ago our precious Paxton James entered the world and changed our lives forever.  You are so full of life, love and a lot of attitude! You are spunky, spirited, stubborn and way down deep I can see such a soft spirit (however, you cover that up with 3 year old boy temper tantrums these days). Your laugh is still my favorite sound and you give the worlds best hugs. I love to watch you build with your blocks or play with your trains. You are so creative and very particular about where you want things.  You are determined and you know what you want when you want it and exactly how you want it (now if only we can help you gain some patience because the world does not operate on YOUR time schedule, but your determination is going to take you far). You love to work in the shop with your daddy and you love to hang out with the boys; however, you still love to be right by my side and I cherish that! I love that you come up to me and say "momma, I love you SO much" about 20 times a day. Just melt my soul. 
Oh Paxton, I pray this year holds a lot of wonderful memories in your sweet life. I pray that I can guide you to be the man the Lord created you to be. I pray you fall in love with Jesus. I pray you continue to thrive with your speech and continue to use your words in kind and uplifting ways. I pray we find a way to curb the attitude and bring out the kind and gentle side of your personality. You are naturally very aggressive and I pray the Lord gives me the tools in which to guide you and help you find an outlet for that aggression so that the fun, passionate and easy going Paxton can surface!! I pray we go on adventures and soak up life with you at the age of 3. 
Sweet Paxton James, I am so blessed to be your mommy! I cannot wait to see what this year olds for you my love!!!

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