Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Maddox asked me the other day "mommy, when you are old, and you die, will you just reach your hand down from heaven and grab my hand so I can go with you?"
Oh my mercy. I had tears in my eyes as I grabbed him close to me and hugged him as long as he'd let me. I love when I have the chance to see the gentleness of his heart.
The other day while we were waiting at Maddox's karate class, Paxton was becoming fidgety (he was not allowed to play a game on my phone as we waited because that was the day he hit people at school, so he was beyond bored), he continued to climb all over me and I asked him to stop and he looked at me with those big blue eyes and said "momma, I just want to love on you"
Oh my mercy, melt my soul and play me like a fiddle.
Harper has started crawling all over the place and I love that her favorite spot to crawl is right into my lap. All day long. If I sit down, she crawls and climbs until she finds her cozy spot on lap.

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