Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter 2013

We had a wonderful Easter celebrating the death and resurrection of our Lord and Savior!! Maddox really seems to be gaining a vast understanding of the fact that we are all sinners (we make bad choices) and Jesus took our sins and died for us (taking our consequences for us) and defeated death when he rose from the grave. Maddox seems to know that Jesus is always with him! There is no greater joy than watching our kids fall in love with Jesus!!
We had several Easter festivities with family. Saturday afternoon we took the kids to an egg hunt at my Granny's retirement home. (Paxton spent the weekend in Oklahoma City with Brad's parents) Maddox had a great time and it was a lot of fun to watch the elderly people get so excited to see all the young kids. Granny seemed thrilled to show off her grand kids and I was so blessed to have that experience with my Granny!
Sunday we started the day off at church and tried our best to emphasize to Maddox the power of our Lord! We had a great evening fajita cook out and Easter egg hunt at our house with mom, Paul, Carol, Granny, Jason, Kameron, Mollie, and Henley. Paxton made it home early evening and he too got to hunt for his eggs!!! It was a wonderful day and I cherish the memories made with our family.

Maddox was reading Harper a story before we left for the egg hunt at Granny's

Maddox and Granny before the big hunt

Gigi helping Maddox search for eggs

Maddox, Mollie, Harper and Henley (sad to not have Paxton in this picture,  but he sure had a great time in OKC)

Maddox and Granny have the sweetest relationship. They can sit and visit for hours

Still trying to figure each other out

Harper enjoyed sitting in the bouncy house on Easter Sunday

LOVE this. Harper looks so prissy here!! (her hair looks SUPER red in this picture)

Finally Paxton arrived and hunted eggs!

Melt my soul. Daddy sure loves his baby girl

Maddox protecting Granny on the porch

Super Hero Bird Hunter

Gigi helping Paxton open an egg. Oh the anticipation

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