Thursday, June 27, 2013

Paxton James

Oh our Paxton James. He is as ornery as it gets and yet he is one of the sweetest little boys I know. He is kind, feisty, funny, easily angry, and a ball of energy. His laugh is so contagious and his grin combined with his blonde hair and blue eyes simply melts my soul. He has so super funny quirks and I wanted to document them before he grows up on me and this stage in our lives is long behind us.
Some of the funny things about Paxton:
-He has to wear socks to sleep in. ALL. THE. TIME.  Even if he falls asleep without them he will wake up and call out for someone to put socks on him.
-While he wants socks to sleep in, he wants to play barefoot outside
-He must have his massive blue blanket to sleep with. Smooth side down and STRAIGHT. No wrinkles in that blanket or he freaks out. HA
-All of his toys have to be lined up. He sleeps with about 6 stuffed animals and when you go check on him they will all be in a row lined up on the side of his bed. He lines up his cars, his blocks are precise. He knows exactly how he wants something to be and he will not alter his view. Thus causing several arguments between he and whoever is playing with him.
-He does not like his hands to be dirty
-He gives the absolute best hugs. Flying Paxton hugs as we like to call them
-He has started saying "mommy, I love you. I want to stay with you forever" (He sweetly informs me of this about 50 times a day. So sweet)
-He gets SO aggravated when Harper tries to touch him or any of his toys. Oh boy.
-He has amazing balance and loves to flip  and jump all over the place. This school year we will find a gym for him to release that creative energy and gain more coordination
-He loves to teetee outside. So cute to see that tiny little hiny. HA
-He does not like being called any sort of nick name. I call him "Bubba" sometimes and he quickly corrects me with "momma, I am not Bubba, I'm Paxton"

We are really at a fun stage in Paxton's 3 years of life. He is sweet and loving and we are working on his ability to handle his aggression without hitting!!

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