Monday, July 1, 2013


Harper Grace is ONE year old!! I am so thankful for the joy and happiness she brings to our family...I'm just not sure what our family would be like without her in it.
To start off the birthday weekend, my best friend Sarah and her 19month old twins came to Lubbock to celebrate Harper's big day!! It was just Sarah and I and five was loud, exhausting and so much fun! I love to watch the kiddos form a bond together and I pray they become the best of friends throughout the years!

Sarah with Harper Grace the day after she was born. Thankful that she was there for her birth and she came to celebrate her first year!

(Funny side note: I ran to pick up lunch and while I was gone Sarah and the babies arrived at the house. She and her kiddos were playing in the front yard waiting on us to get home and I watched Mallory playing in the grass and I just started laughing. We did not talk about it at all and we ended up dressing our girls in the exact same outfit that day. Ha. We are so much alike it is scary!)

The first evening we needed to give all the kiddos a bath so we plopped them down in the bath tub together. HA. It was one full tub o babies.

After bath we snuggled up on the couch for a movie and a little down time before heading off to bed. The kids played hard and did such a great job together. Yes there were fights and arguments over toys and personal space, but over all they did so good together! Love these little stinkers
Mason was following Maddox around asking Maddox to hold him. So sweet. Here they are snuggled together watching a movie

Harper and her boys
Now, don't get me wrong, it was a lot of work having all 5 kiddos and only the two adults, but I loved it. I love my girl time alone with Sarah, but I also cherish doing Real Life with her as well. Thank you so much Sarah, Mason and Mallory for making the trip to Lubbock to celebrate Miss Harper Grace. We sure do love you guys

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Sarah said...

Oh I love this! Thanks again for welcoming our chaos into your home for a whole weekend! It was fun and "real life", ha! Miss y'all!