Monday, July 1, 2013

Birthday Bash for our Little Lady

Harper Grace in her birthday party outfit!

We decided to do a joint 1st birthday party for Harper and my nephew Henley. They were born 3 days apart and it just seemed apporpriate to celebrate their birthday's together. Growing up, Jason (my brother) and I always wanted our kids to be close we could have never expected them to be this CLOSE. What a special bond these two kiddos will share some day!!

The theme for the party was "Little Man and Little Lady" We decorated with mustaches and lips and Brad's mom made AMAZING High Heel cupcakes! The party was perfect! Harper and Henley had a great time and certainly felt loved on their special party day!!

Time to open Presents

Maddox to the rescue! Madd ran off to get his toy plastic knife to help open a box for sister. So sweet

Time for Cake
Not too happy that his cookie was finished!
Sweet cousins

Mustache and Lips shenanigans 

The adorable party outfits

It was a fantastic party for two very special one year olds!! Happy 1st Birthday Henley and Harper!

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