Monday, November 3, 2014

Black Knights

Paxton has had such a great time playing soccer this season! He is learning more about the game and he certainly tries to keep up with the other boys! He hasn't discovered how to be aggressive or "scrappy" but he has a great time and his team is simply the best! His coach and the other dads that help out are truly amazing and they help and encourage Paxton so very much!!! Way to go Black knights! You boys were a joy to watch this fall!!!

At the end of this game, the boys were give a medal! Paxton was beyond excited to receive his very first participation medal!!!!

Oh my goodness, the joy he had after getting that medal was so adorable! He was one proud little boy!
Such a sweet team! These boys and their parents have been so much fun to be around!! Looking forward to another great soccer season in the spring!!!

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