Monday, November 3, 2014

Monday Prayer

Oh my sweet boys. Lunch boxes are packed, backpacks are ready and I just waved goodbye as you headed out the door for a breakfast burrito on your way to school!  I am sitting in my room praying over you both and I wanted to write it down so you both can look back and see the hand of God in both of your lives. 
Maddox, my Maddox. I pray you have an amazing day today. I pray your eyes are opened to something that truly amazes you. I pray you take your time. Be diligent and do your best work. I pray when it is time to listen, that you would turn your ears and listen and learn the lessons being taught....then, when it is time to play, I pray you get out there and laugh, run, jump and play your heart out. Keep your eyes open for someone who needs a friend. You, my love, are and amazing friend and the world could use more kiddos like you! I pray you know how much you are loved. Be kind, respectful and patient. I know today holds greatness for you!
Paxton, oh Paxton. I pray for peace and calm in your heart today. Please talk with kindness and love and be patient with your teacher and fellow classmates. I pray you continue to have that zest and eagerness for life and your desire to "have a turn" but I pray you continue to learn that sometimes , it is someone else's time....but keep up that (respectful) will get your turn...and boy do I know that whatever it is, you will rock it!!! I pray you are able to laugh, play and learn so much today! I have no doubt that today holds great things for you. Be ready. Be willing. Be calm and respectful. Allow the rest of the world to see the sweet, kind and loving Paxton that we all know and love!! Make sure someone gets to hear your belly laugh today, for I am certain, it alone, can change the world!
Go get 'em boys! Prek and 1st grade are waiting and allow yourselves to be the best thing it's ever seen!!!!

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