Thursday, October 30, 2014

Day Date

I had such a fun afternoon date with my handsome, kind , super sweet MADD-man. Gosh, we don't get near enough time alone! He is truly spectacular! We talked about LEGOs, fun games played at school (which, by the way he was super excited about because they were playing a form of knockout game and he was he last one standing!), and we had the most amazing conversation about what he wants to do when he grows up and gets a job. He said "momma, how do I know what to do when I need a job" My response was simple "well, you try to find something you love to do, and you do it the best you can....if you could do anything at all, what would make you the happiest?" I can honestly tell you, my heart wasn't fully ready for his response. He looked up at me with his expressive brown eyes and said "mom, I would be the happiest being a missionary in Africa. I want to tell people about Jesus". Oh my mercy, I am so proud of the love for The Lord he is gaining everyday. I love that he longs to share the love of Christ to the world. I have no doubt he will do great things for Christ!!
(Now, please excuses me as I curl up in a ball and cry at the thought of my baby boy leaving me and living in Africa....)

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