Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Precious Boys

Oh my precious boys. As you left the house today, on your way to school, I was struck with a powerful urge to drop to my knees and pray for you both. I have no doubt that you two boys will change the world someday. Your spunk, energy and  tenacity will move mountains. 
Oh sweet Maddox, I pray you take your time today. Soak everything in and don't be afraid to be content in the moment (just for a little while...your zest for life and for all things new is what is going to take you places in this world, just don't forget to slow down and do your best work first). You have such a kind a loving spirit. Look out for someone who needs a friend. Everybody needs a Maddox in their life!! 
Oh spunky Paxton. Be patient my love. You are heard! We all hear you and we know you can do amazing things. Don't let your frustrations hinder the amount of kindness and joy you are able to bring to everyone you meet. Simply use your words (in your normal speaking voice, please), you have wonderful things to say. You have so much love in that heart of yours, just be patient and show kindness. Continue to take your time and show off those coloring skills. Soak it all in today buddy and have fun being a kind and patient four year old!!
Ok boy! Today is your day. Go out and change the world!!

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