Monday, October 20, 2014


Today my littlest love and I went to a small pumpkin patch held in the front lawn of a local church. It was so much fun! Harp LOVED all the pumpkins and ran from one grouping to the next, pointing out her favorite ones and saying the gourds were "yucky". 
She is at such a fun (and sassy) stage in life right now! When she is sweet, oh my stars, she simply melts your heart. 
She has so much spunk and a zest for life. She shows little fear and knows what she likes! I am so thankful for this season of life and I truly cherish the one on one time I get with her during the day. 
It shall come to no surprise to anyone that the precious pumpkin this little lady chose to bring home was a "baby" one. And, yes, she treats it like one of her babies...rocking it, talking sweetly to it, and even singing to it. So funny. Love my baby lovin little lady!

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