Monday, January 12, 2015


Catching up is all I seem to do lately. Ha. Well, thansgiving, Christmas have come and gone and the new year is well under way, and there would just be way too much to attempt to catch up on, instead I will just start fresh and hope to throw in a few pictures later on!

Big news in our house...we have a 7 year old! How on earth has time gone so quickly and now our first born, the one who officially made me a mommy, is now a big seven year old! Such a great time. I love this age with him. He is smart, funny, he is able to read (super well by the way) he loves Jesus and is passionate about that, he is independent and loving! I absolutely adore my Maddox boy!
He is still loving 1st grade. He makes friends faster than anyone I have ever seen! He has found a new passion for building with Legos, and he loves to read his adventure Bible that he received for Christmas. He laughs the hardest when being tickled and he gets upset the easiest when he knows he had disappointed someone. He is fiesty, opinionated, and determined that everyone do the right thing. There is very little grey in his world. Things are either right or wrong and it truly bothers him to see someone do something "wrong". 
He is such a good kid and I pray he knows how much he is loved and adored!!!
Oh my Maddox, I pray 7 is the best year yet!!!

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