Thursday, January 29, 2015

Chapel Program

On Wednesday mornings at the kids school, they participate in chapel. They sing praise songs, someone/or class provides a message and the kiddos join together to formally learn more about the Lord. Each class gets a chance to lead the chapel service and this week it was Maddox's class!!! Oh my mercy, it was such a precious little service. The kids led the "congregation" in all of the pledges and the school Bible verse and then Maddox got up there, in front of all of the pre-k through 3rd grade classes and parents and led us all in prayer. Melt my heart. Such a brave soul and such a sweet sweet spirit!! His class taught us all about the free gift of Grace. Each child had several speaking parts and Maddox even played the part of Moses. It was epic. Such a wonderful time!

 Here is Mrs. Bolton and her precious class as they were gearing up for the program. I cannot express how amazing his sweet teacher is. We all absolutely adore her and her ability to teach her class and mold their hearts. 

Here is the entire class after the program

The best looking Moses ever. On a super funny note, when Maddox walked on stage with this bear, Harper squealed "Oh hi, Santa" hahahah. Love it

Such an amazing group of kiddos!!!!

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