Monday, August 22, 2016

Weekend Fun

We had a wonderful weekend after the first two days of school. Friday afternoon was nice and hot, so after school the kiddos swam and played...trying to soak up as much pool time as we can before it's too chilly!
Saturday we had Jason and Kameron and Mollie and Henley over and then Carol and her boyfriend James and his son Jaedon come over to play as well. Kim and Austin went on a date and Ruby Grace stayed over for a sleep over. It was  so fun watching all the kiddos run and play in the backyard while us grown ups were able to sit and visit. Are my people actually old enough now that I get to sit and visit!? Ha. It was so fun and Ruby girl slept like a champ when it was all over!
Sunday was another fun day because we got to take the kiddos to see the movie Pete's Dragon. Our rule at home is if there is a movie the kids want to see, and there is a book they have to read the book first. This was Paxton's first time to join in and read the book first. He was so proud once he finished!!! 
And the evening was finished with a tailgate jam session from Brad and Maddox. Maddox is really enjoying guitar lessons and it's fun to listen to him progress in his playing abilities. He really picks up on it very quickly!!!

Thankful for a great weekend with my people and I'm excited for the week to come. It's going to be a busy one but oh so much fun!!!

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