Friday, September 30, 2016

Abilene Field Trip

Abilene 3rd grade field trip is 'in the books for Maddox ...beautiful day for Frontier Texas museum, national center for children's literature, picnic park lunch & Abilene zoo. Maddox had an absolute blast and I am so thankful for the parents who were able to go and the teachers who took such great care of the kids. (I wasn't able to go, but Maddox had a blast riding in a car with his friends). They are exhausted, they left the school at 6:40am and arrived home at 5pm. (Huge shout out to my mom. She and Paul let Maddox spend the night last night and she got him to school super early, which helped me out so much because I didn't have to get pax and harp up at 5:30am. Thanks mom!) That is a full full day of travel and adventure (I can't even imagine how exhausted the teachers and other parents must be)

Maddox said his favorite part was the zoo. They saw all sorts of animals but his favorites were the monkeys and this really pretty black and white striped tiger! 
I'm so thankful the parents that went with them took such cute pictures. Makes my heart happy to see him having such a good time with his classmates and his friends. 
On a proud momma moment, this evening I messaged the sweet momma that Maddox rode with and expressed my appreciation for keeping up with MADD all day. She responded with such sweet things about Maddox and complimented him on his manners and maturity. It blesses my soul to hear those things from other people, especially when he was away from home and I wasn't there to remind him to be polite. Great job Maddox. Keep changing the world just by being you!!!

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