Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Roll With It

I would like to start this post off by thanking my wonderful Mom for keeping the boys for us a couple of weekends ago, so that I could get away, host a bridal shower, and have some fun girl time with my best friend Sarah. Thank you mom so so much for your help and sacrifice of your time this weekend...I know it is a lot of work and the sleepless nights are difficult especially if you aren't "used" to them (do we ever really get "used" to sleepless nights?!). Thank you thank you..the break was much needed and I feel refreshed and ready to conquer another controlled chaotic week in the Voda house!!

That is a perfect way to describe our days here in the house: Controlled Chaos!! We are learning to just roll with it and make things work. We adapt, adjust, revamp, distract, and do things together all the throughout the day. For example, I have adjusted bath time to whenever dinner is cooking. Both boys take a bath together, Paxton in his little bathtub that is set in the big tub, and Maddox chillin in the big tub "helping" me wash Paxton. Bumping bath time to before dinner has certainly helped with evening meltdowns for Mr. Maddox and after supper, Paxton is pretty ready for bed so it has worked out beautifully (well, for the past week or so) we will see if it continues to work well, or we will find a different way and continue to roll with it.
I have adjusted bed time for the Madd man to about 7:30 every evening because he just has not been sleeping all that well (come to find out he has a horrible ear hopefully the middle of the night tear fests will cease once this ear infection is all cleared up). Once again, we find a way to roll with what obstacle is in front of us and it has worked pretty well. A well rested Maddox is a much happier Maddox (aren't we all!!).

Paxton has been spitting up pretty frequently and just pretty restless when it comes to night time sleeping so I am still in the process of finding out a way for him to rest at night that best suits him and helps his tummy. Currently the swing is the best way he sleeps, but if we could get him to keep that dang pacifier in his mouth we would all get a lot better sleep. Pacifier or not, he is still the sweetest little guy and his smile is worth all the sleepless nights!!
We are learning to roll with the changes that occur and adapt to whatever suits our family best in the moment! It gets crazy at times, and it gets loud at others, but it a perfectly controlled chaos and I'm loving this adventure.
We are so proud of our sweet little Paxton. He ROLLED over from belly to back for the first time last week!! Yippee! Way to go Mr. P!!

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