Thursday, August 26, 2010

Paxton's 4 Month Check Up

We had Paxton's 4 month well check today (which of course means we also had vaccines..yuck)
He is doing really well and everything is looking great!
He is a BIG boy...which should not surprise any of us..I mean seriously, do any of you remember Maddox at this age..hahah!!
He are his 4 month stats:
16 pounds 4 ounces (80th percentile...a huge leap from the 17th percentile when he was born)
24 inches long (50th percentile)
17cm head circumference (92nd percentile.....the nurse actually came back in to remeasure his head because she thought she got it wrong....hahah...nope, our children just have a TON of brains)

Paxton wheezes when he sits up or stands....I just assumed it was how he breathed when he was working sounds like a very out of shape old man trying to run a mile or two....Dr. Rogers heard him wheezing and she said it does not sound at all like asthma (thank goodness since asthma is pretty big in Brad's family)
However, the wheezing is because of his acid is damaging his vocal cords because he is not getting all of it out...poor little guy. The doctor doubled his medicine and we will keep an eye on it!!

Oh sweet little Paxton, he is such a doll and such a champ. When it was time for those shots he grinned at the nurse, the first shot went in, he tensed up and looked up at me with those beautiful blue eyes as though to say "what the heck is going on and why are YOU letting it happen" but he did not cry until the second shot. As soon as I picked him up he took a deep breath and that was the end of it. He has not been fussy or irritable or anything...yet....what a champ!!!

Once again we are so thankful for 2 healthy little boys!!
Oh and by the way, Maddox did much better today when I dropped him off at "School". I am anxious to pick him up and hear all about his day!!

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