Saturday, August 14, 2010

It's Potty Time

It's Party Potty Time
Little Potty for Maddox to take care of business....check.
30 pairs of the cuttest little boy underwear I could find....check.
Freshly read copy of "The 3 day Potty Training Challenge".....check.
A huge bag of M&M's for rewards for taking care of business in the potty....check.
Lemonaid, apple juice, water, and any other liquid I can get Maddox to drink....check.
As many prayers for patience that I can utter....check.

Okay, lets get it started....Potty Training Maddox in 3 days!!!
Sounds a little crazy if you ask me, but we went all out and dove right in. No more diapers. Big boy undies. And the phrase "Maddox, please tell Mommy when you need to go potty", "keep your underwear dry please" and "Who has dry undies....Maddox does.....whooo" repeated at least 1000 times throughout the day. The result half way through day 2.....NOT A SINGLE ACCIDENT...and the Madd-man telling me when he needs to go potty!! He is loving picking out his underwear...we have Cars, Nemo, Toy Story, Thomas the Train, Yo Gabba Gabba, and even some boxer briefs. (Now, I am kind of holding my breath, because this has been entirely too easy...but I will rejoice in how awesome Mr. Maddox has taken to keeping his big boy underwear dry).
Way to go Maddox. Thank you for being such a big boy...we are so so so so so proud of you!!

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Jocelyn said...

wow! i'm super impressed...i will be needing a play by play and tips in about a year!
way to go Maddox!!! (and momma too!)