Sunday, August 15, 2010

Peaceful Paxton

Paxton....his name means "Peaceful" and it fits him perfectly. He is sweet, gentle, peaceful and patient. The best way we know how to describe him is "chill". For the most part he is pretty content sitting where ever we put him, laying on his play mat or swinging peacefully.

When we sit and eat dinner, he hangs out in his little bouncy seat by the table. He is perfectly content for the most part until he feels like we aren't paying enough attention to him...he will babble a little to get our attention and as soon as we look at him he give us the biggest grin which completely takes over his entire 3 month old little body!!! It is hilarious and I love it.

It is fun to watch him in the stroller when we go to the store. When I am looking around at the various items in the store as soon as I look down at him he lights up and smiles that big Paxton grin and I can't help but giggle.
He loves to be held tightly when he is tired. He is most certainly the cuddlier I prayed for....the MOBY wrap that my dear friend Anna got for me when I was pregnant with Maddox, works wonderfully to allow me to have my hands free a bit and still enjoy the snuggle time with my littlest man!!

Oh sweet most certainly are peaceful and a perfect fit to our little family!!

A little video of the sweetest little giggle!!!

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