Sunday, August 8, 2010

Bye Bye Paci and Oh Boy We Love Soy

Bye bye. Farewell. Adios. See ya later alligator. We have said our final good byes to Maddox's germ infested, speech inhibiting, faithful companion and sleep helper Pacifier. While mommy and daddy were very happy to finally have this "friend" out of our 2 year old's bed...that said two year old was not nearly as excited to see his buddy leave!  This has been one heck of a week as the strong will in our super smart and cleaver two year old made itself very well known, but I am happy to say that Maddox has adjusted well and is very proud of the fact that he no longer sleeps with his pacifier! We are so proud of him and are grateful to have this very difficult task behind us! Way to go Maddox!!

Oh boy, we sure love Soy!!! We have switched Paxton to Soy formula and he seems to like it. While this little guy is rarely upset, he started to spit up about an hour after he had eaten and the pediatrician thought he might not be fully digesting his formula (although that is hard to see when you look at the size of our little guy...he is definitely not hurting for some calories..ha) so she suggested the switch. While this has helped with the spit up, it has also helped him to be more content in the car (well, at least I am assuming it was the formula switch) He used to cry any time we were in the car and I simply assumed he was hot, lonely or just did not like the car seat, but now he is much more content back there; thus making our car rides much more enjoyable.

Sweet Laughter

Here is how we tell time in the Voda house!! HAHA

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Jocelyn said...

yeah for no paci!
you sure do have 2 cute little guys in your house :)