Monday, August 2, 2010

Thank You Thank You

Thank you Jesus for the sweet sound of Maddox laughing while he runs and plays outside.
Thank you for the smile that consumes Paxton's entire body and brightens my entire day.
Thank you for the click clack sound of the swing in the living room that provides Paxton with the rest that he needs and the quiet that this Mommy needs.
Thank you for blessing our lives with Maddox, our more difficult baby, so we know how blessed we truly are to have an infant that is relaxed tummy-issue-free!!
Thank you for Maddox's big brown expressive eyes that allow me a glimpse to his soul.
Thank you for Paxton's adorable blue eyes that allow me to see a part of Bradley all day long.
Thank you for the opportunity to watch Maddox use his imagination more and more creatively every day.
Thank you for bath time and the splish splash and laughter that fills our house every night.
Thank you for bedtime and the quiet that spreads throughout the house after 8pm.
Thank you for swaddle blankets and how cute Paxton looks when he is all wrapped up and ready for a nap.
Thank you for the active two year old who rides his pretend motorcycle all throughout the house with sound effects and all.
Thank you for healthy babies!
Thank you for the crazy times and the ability to cherish the "normal" moments in our day.

1 comment:

MaryAnn said...

And thank you for a Mommy as wonderful as you that takes the time in the midst of all the rest that you do to cherish those time and things

And her children shall rise and call her blessed.