Friday, October 21, 2011

Always Learning

I have mentioned in previous posts that Maddox is loving preschool this year. He is making a lot of friends and is learning so much (although he will tell you he "never learns anything at school. They just don't want me to learn there....hahha, I guess they are doing a great job making learning just feel like fun). Well, this evening while we were eating dinner, Maddox just busts out counting to ten in Spanish. Now, he has counted to 3 in Spanish for a while now, but he just continued on to 10. Then, after dinner, he was running around like a crazy person just playing away and he said "Let the children come to me....Momma, that's what Jesus tells us to do" (That was the bible verse they studied last week). And to top of the wonderful evening, while he was taking a bath he busted out singing "Jack and Jill went up a Hill."
It is fantastic to watch this little man learn and enjoy learning. 
Here is a quick video of Maddox and his Madd-singing skills and Spanish counting. It also includes little Paxton making sure he is a part of the action!!

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