Thursday, October 20, 2011

Paxton is 18 Months Old

Oh Mr. Paxton, you are 18 months old today. How is it possible that you are half way to two years old?? You are a mess these days. What exactly are you up to?

-Weight: 23 pounds
-Wearing size 4 diapers
-wearing size 12-18 month clothes. You are needing more of the 18 month size for length, but it is pretty big around your belly. Very thankful for the adjustable waist band in your pants
-wearing size 5 shoe
-You take one nap a day between 1pm and 2pm for at least 2 hours
-You are a really good sleeper in the evenings. Put you to bed around 8pm and you sleep until 8am. (Except since the nasty dust storm on Monday your allergies have been acting up and you have a hard time breathing during the night. You have enjoyed the extra snuggle time with me, and I too have enjoyed holding you while you sleep)
-You are the most difficult eater and meal times with you are not fun at all. Please tell me this will eventually get better and it won't be a fight to get you to eat your entire life. (Soon enough I won't be able to keep enough food in the house for you two growing boys).
-You are still not talking very much, but you have made a lot of progress with trying to talk this month. You are making more and more sounds and attempting to say portions of some words.
-You can say:
       Gaga (for Gigi)
       baba (for paci...which you only get at nap-time and bedtime)
       mum (for more)
       ink (for drink or milk)
       bambam (for Batman...can you tell what toys big brother is into these days)
-You can sign:
       thank you

You have a very aggressive temperament, you know what you want when you want it and there is no other least according to you. You have been throwing a lot of fits lately and have become very good "friends" with the time-out spot in our house. It is hilarious to watch you in timeout because you are so little and pretty darn cute sitting there; although, I hold all the cute comments to myself because I know this is a time where you need to learn a few lessons and learn the rules in our family (but you are just a doll sitting there in timeout. Sometimes I just want to go grab you up and love on you, but I know that will not help our current situation at all).

You are very frustrated with not being able to communicate and I am hoping your frustration will lead to more desire to learn and try to talk. I know you will start talking when you are good and ready, but could you do your momma a favor and get good and ready, like, NOW...please!!!

You have learned to run like a superhero with your arms stretched out behind your back like you are gliding through the air. Oh it makes me laugh every single time.

You give the best hugs and love to sit in someones lap, but only when it is your idea. You do not like to sit still for very long because there is just too much to explore.

You are not a fan of the church nursery; although last time they said you only started crying about 5 minutes before we came to pick you up. Progress.

You can point to your eyes, ears, mouth, nose, foot, hands, finger, head, belly and hair.

You would eat fruit snacks all day long if I would let you.

Soy milk is your new best friend.

Oh Mr. Paxton. You keep me on my toes. You are such a cute and sweet little boy (when you want to be) and you are also an ornery little mess most of the time. You are a perfect fit in our family and I wouldn't trade the most difficult days with you for anything on this planet; although, if you are reading this Mr. Paxton, I would be so very happy if we could have a few more easier days with you...your laugh is way cuter than your whine and your smile is much sweeter than watching you throw a fit. Thanks bud for listening, I know you can make smart choices :)

Seriously, Paxton, we love you more and more every day and you bring such joy to our family!!

Paxton at 18 months

Maddox at 18 months

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