Friday, October 14, 2011

Something to Talk About

It is so much fun to watch Maddox's mind work. He is always thinking and asking questions about everything around him. Sometimes he asks and says some of the funniest things. I wanted to document some of these for our memories:

"Mommy, I know we use our eyes to see, but how come I can't see my eyes right now?"
"Daddy, I checked my calendar and it shows you don't have a meeting. So you can stay home and play with me!"
"Mommy, Jesus is in my tummy and HE is hungry for a happy meal" (well, okay, if Jesus wants it, who am I to deny Him a happy meal)
Brad and Maddox had a long conversation about how clouds "float" in the sky. Brad went on to describe the excited molecules and all the scientific reasons for how clouds float in the sky. Maddox continued to ask questions and asked, "well, then why are some of the clouds higher than the others" (Brad told him we would have to look it up....hahha....this kid never stops thinking).

I love being this little man's mommy, he is teaching me to stop and really question the things around me!

Paxton is fun to watch also. He certainly is a man of very few words, but he is gradually making more progress his expressive language, especially now that he is feeling a lot better.
He clearly says Momma, Dadda, Ball, Ba-ba (pacifier), ice, GaGa (for GiGi)
He signs: more, eat, drink, please, thank you, sorry
He can point to his eyes, hair, ears nose, mouth, belly, hair, hands and feet
Last night after we said his bedtime prayers he said "bam-bam" for "Amen"

Sometimes being a mom is just so hard, I'm not sure when he needs specialist intervention to help him catch up verbally, or when to step back and realize he will do all of this on his own time (especially now that we can get rid of the pacifier when he is not sleeping. This will help tremendously with his ability to communicate). I remember wondering if Maddox would catch on verbally because he too was a man of few words as a toddler and now the child NEVER stops talking. In fact, yesterday I listened to him on the baby monitor during nap time and that child never stopped singing/reading out loud/talking/role playing while he laid in his bed "resting."

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