Monday, October 1, 2012

3 Months Old

Harper Grace, as of the 29th, you are 3 months old!!! WOW sweet girl, you are getting so big. In many ways it feels as though you have been with us much longer than 3 short months and in other ways I cannot believe that 3 months have already passed us by. It is amazing how quickly our lives can change, adapt and discover a new normal. You already have the 3 boys in your life wrapped around your tiny little finger. Maddox, Paxton (and daddy too) will do just about anything to watch you grin and get you to "talk" to them. (Don't tell anyone, but I tend to transform into a crazy goon just to make you smile, and oh my sweet sweet girl, when you smile I am certain the entire world is smiling with you! You are just too cute with that grin taking over your entire body).

What are you up to at 3 months old?
I am not sure how much you weigh...we go to the doctor on Wednesday so we will see then.
You are able to fit in some of your newborn dresses but are wearing mostly 0-3 months clothes. Newborn leggings still fit you best (you have tiny little legs).
Size 1 diaper
You eat around 4.5 ounces of alimentum formula every 3 hours during the day.
You are sleeping in your swing.
You sleep at least one 6 hour stretch in the evening (usually from about 8pm-2am), although you have gone 9 hours a couple of times (when you make the longer stretch without eating, I still get up with you a time or two or twelve to give you your paci). 
You have been super easy to get to go back to sleep after your middle of the night feed.
You loathe your car seat. You cry cry cry and scream in the car. (I will be very happy when we outgrow this particular phase)
You are still swaddled to sleep. You do not like the process of getting swaddled, but you certainly sleep well when you are all snug as a bug
You have started "talking" some and let me just tell you, you have the most adorable little voice and you make the sweetest facial expressions.

Harper Grace, you are the most adorable little girl I have ever laid my eyes on! We love you sweet 3 month old little girl!!

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