Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My 3 Blessings

There are times when being a mother of 3 is completely overwhelming. Today, I am overwhelmed with love.

Paxton is doing so good at school. He is thriving. He is playing and learning and coming out of his shell! I am so thankful for his loving teacher and the extra time and energy she puts into helping him adjust to his new surroundings! He is talking more and more each day and he has started walking into class like such a big boy and doesn't even hesitate. I am so proud of the progress he is making each week. Way to go little guy!! And by the way, when did he turn into such a big kid...this picture makes him look SO grown up.

Maddox LOVES school. He is learning SO much and it is the joy of my day to hear him tell me all that he learned that day. He recently started a Science class and he is definitely his daddy's son because he loves that class so much! I adore all of his teachers and the passion they have for my big guy! His afternoon teacher stopped me today and told me that he is so respectful and kind, such wonderful qualities he is demonstrating. Such a JOY.

Harper Grace is growing like a weed and is such a joy (unless we are in the car. whew, she does not like the car and screams the entire ride. not fun pretty girl....not fun) She gives the best smiles, the sweetest coos and just lights up our entire family.

Love these kids with all my soul

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