Thursday, October 4, 2012

Making Friends

Maddox is making some fantastic friends at school this year. It is no surprise that making friends is relatively easy for him because he is so outgoing. We continue to work on doing things that our friends like to do and not always having to be the boss, but that is all typical four year old stuff. I was not at all surprised that he hit it off with a little boy in his class who likes camouflage, shooting guns, super heros and all other things boy. I am not surprised when he comes home with dirt stains on his jeans from playing so hard outside. However, what did surprise me was when he came home and told me his favorite friend at school was a girl. He informed me that this precious little girl asked him to go to eat lunch at Blue Sky and then asked for his phone number! Ha. I asked what he liked about her and he said "I like that I can just talk and talk and talk with her" HAHHA. Now that does NOT surprise me, he is a talker and he has found someone to listen and enter act with!!!

Such a sweet little boy and his new favorite friend!! (Apparently this adorable little girl talks about Maddox ALL the time...haha, her mom sent me this picture she took of them at Maddox's favorite boy's birthday party. She needed a picture of Maddox so she could show everyone who her daughter was ALWAYS talking about. heheh.)

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