Saturday, November 9, 2013

Halloween 2013

Halloween 2013 was a major success. I am not a huge fan of this particular "holiday" but I certainly love watching our kiddos transform into super heros and overly cute tiny little bugs with costumes created by their amazing grandmom.
Maddox requested to be a military pilot, Paxton just wanted a cape....grandmom created Zoro...a three year old boys dream...a cape and a sword. And our sweet Harper Grace was the most adorable little lady bug. (I wish I would have gotten a video of her walking in her was so precious to watch her tiny body waddle along with wings flapping behind her). 
Paxton spent the week of Halloween in Oklahoma with grandmom and granddad voda. He was able to go to the okc zoo to trick or treat as well as a festival at a church near by. He had a blast and the grandparents were thrilled to see their little Zoro in action!!!
Maddox and Harper spent Halloween at a festival at Maddox's school and then finished the evening at my Granny's assisted living home. Such wonderful moments to watch my kids with my Granny!!!
The holiday as a whole isn't my fav...but these kids dressed, up using their imaginations and having a blast...I would say that is a fantastic evening for all!!!

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