Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Harper is 16 Months Old

 My mercy she is getting big....too big. I cannot fully express in words just how much joy she brings our entire family. She is so sweet and immediately draws the attention of any room she enters. Brad, Harper and I went to lunch today and she had perfect strangers walking up to us from across the room to comment on just how precious she was. The table across from us got a few super cute waves from our baby girl and a super sweet "Hi". You will see grown men crumble at the cuteness and the pure preciousness from our Harper Grace. One of the lady's at the resturant made the comment that Harper "has a way of making everyone feel special". Yes, yes, I would completely agree. One tiny grin, a wave, or a giggle from our baby girl and your world will never be the same!!
(Can you tell we are all completely smitten with her?) I still think that Maddox is the one that is wrapped around her finger the tightest. He absolutely adores her. He will give up any toy, his time, his attention simply to make her smile. He gets so sad if she gets in trouble or is crying. In fact, if we ever have to get on to her and she starts to cry, he gets so upset and asks me to "never get on to her again. Just let her have what she wants!" Ha. Sorry Madd, that didn't work for you and it won't work for her either...but that pout, oh my that pout. It sure is tempting to just give her anything...we won't...but it's tempting.

What are you up to these days Harper Grace:
- weigh 23 pounds
- wear size 12-18month clothes
-size 5 shoe
-size 4 diaper
-you are not a big fan of eating these days...but when you do eat you love tomatoes, cheese, meat, spaghetti and breakfast bars
-you are still on organic, hormone free lactose free milk (we tried you on regular whole milk and you didn't adjust very well. You were very cranky)
-you were a wonderful sleeper until you came down with a strange virus where you ran a high fever and just felt miserable. Now you think waking up at all hours of the night should mean that I come in there to cuddle you. Hoping you feel better soon and we get back to that awesome sleep schedule
-you are gaining a pretty good signing vocabulary. You currently sign:
     -night night
     -you can do all the motions to "Patty Cake"
-You currently say the words: ice, hi, please, thank you, momma, daddy, gigi, puppy
-you LOVE dogs. We have to remind you to love the puppies gently, but you are perfectly content petting a dog, chasing a dog and watching the dogs from the window
-you adore your daddy. You squeal with delight when he gets home from work (makes every hard day at work more worth while to be greeted that way)
-you are a great walker/runner. You are getting harder and harder to keep up with you when you are on a mission. You are fast! Tonight you started walking backwards. So funny!
-You still love to cuddle and you give precious hugs and kisses
-You are becoming more aware of other peoples feelings and you comfort the boys when they are in timeout

Oh Harper girl. We are thankful for you and we are proud of the little girl you are becoming!
I love the sweet expression on her face while she looks at her daddy
Harper in action. Just "chatting" it up with the hostess at a resturant

EEEK. I never want to forget this fluff

She's finally getting a little hair

Harper the hoarder. This girl is happiest when her hands are full. Her favorites are carrying laundry and shoes. Big helper

Adorable. She's such a delight. 

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