Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Bath Time

Bath time in our house has changed up a bit as the kids get older. Maddox decided during the summer time that he would rather take showers than a bath, which actually makes things a bit easier because our bath tub was getting pretty full with all three kiddos in the tub at the same time!! He is a pro in the shower and I am very impressed that at the age of 5 I can tell him to run hop in the shower and he is fully effiecnt at getting that task accomplished without making a huge slippery mess!!
So now, Paxton and Harper are bath tub companions. Now, if you know anything about Paxton, he is very particular about how he wants things and he is super sensitive if things get out of order. Well, add a 14 month old to the bath tub and he can get very vocal about his feelings with her in his space. 
Well, the other day Pax and Harper were taking a bath and I was cleaning the bathroom counters, when all of the sudden Paxton jumped up and started screaming and gagging. I immeditly thought the poor kid had chooked on something so as I am assessing his needs, I look at "innoncent" Harper as she giggles and splashes, then I notice the floater. Yes, poop, floating in the bathtub. The innocent Harper pooped in the tub and Paxton was freaking out!!! I cannot stop laughing at this point because I see the poop, I see a smily happy baby and then there is Paxton attempting to crawl his tiny little body over our massive bath tub all while dry heaving and gagging at the sight!!!
The popular saying  "Poop hits the fan" has changed in our house..........its more like when poop hits the tub. Ha.

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