Monday, October 21, 2013

Sunny San Diego

So, this past week, our little family of 5 packed up and flew to Coronodo Island right off of San Diego, California. It was so much fun. Brad had work meetings there and we were able to tag along. This is the same place in California that we had the amazing opportunity to visit with Maddox when I was pregnant with Paxton. It was great to go back and have two more in tow this time. Crazy and hectic at times...yes, of course, but oh so worth it.
The weather was amazing. It was around 80 degrees during the day and the evening time cooled off just enough to need a light jacket. The boys LOVED the beach, splashing in the super cold ocean water, building sand castles and digging holes in the sand. Harper Grace on the other hand absolutely hated the sand and would cry the most pathetic cry if you even put her tiny little finger on the sand. Ha. She eventually let me set her down on a beach towel but she definitely preferred to be held. She did however love the various birds that flew and walked on the shore of the beach! She would wave at them and say hello and giggle her tiny, precious giggle when they flapped their wings! She is definitely our animal lover.
The kids and I spent the morning and early afternoons together while Brad attended his meetings. We would walk to breakfast and then play on the beach and head back in the hotel for a nice quiet nap until daddy was finished. Then it was more time on the beach exploring and off to dinner somewhere. There were so many fun shops and restaurants all along the streets by the hotel. It was lovely!
Saturday Brad had the entire day free so we loaded up and went to Sea World San Diego!! What a crazy, chaotic outstanding time we had! The weather was great and the kids did fantastic. Maddox got to ride his first roller coaster (he LOVED it), and they all really enjoyed watching the shamu show. Paxton's favorite were the penguins and Maddox loved the sharks!! Harper loved Shamu and the flamingos as well as the penguins.
And now for picture overload.....
My breakfast dates!

Waiting inside the lobby of the hotel

Brothers during one of our morning adventures

This is how I looked on the beach most of the time

sweet siblings soaking in the sun

Maddox digging a hole and Paxton running in pure delight

Digging for treasure

Sandcastle building

"I'm the king of the world"

Hand in hand my brother you'll be

I love this picture. Love their little foot prints in the sand as they soak in God's glory

The water was so cold, but Maddox didn't care one bit

Pax splish splashin

All smiles

He couldn't get enough of those waves

So much fun

Love these beach bums

Happy as can be with her shovel in her hand

Harper loving the birds and her walk with daddy

A late night cup cake treat in the hotel while sister was in bed

Breakfast before we went to sea world

Such a happy girl

Boys feeding the sting rays

Harper and I at Sea World

Pax was thankful for his sisters stroller for a bit

All tuckered out! Sleeping Harper. 

Excited after watching the Madagascar Show

Maddox loved the sharks and the big shark teeth

He was SO happy seeing the penguins and getting his penguin toy

This was just minutes before leaving Sea World. This was our "we survived" smile

Such good little travelers
I just can't get enough of them holding hands and playing in the water.

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Hayes Fam ♥ said...

Great pictures Lacye!! I love the ones of the boys holding hands too... so precious!