Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Little Momma

Harper Grace LOVES baby dolls. LOVES them. She "talks" to them, loves on them, pats them on the back to burp them, carries them all around the house, wants you to join in when playing with dolls and never ever leaves the house without a baby under her arm. I'm telling you, she LOVES baby dolls. It is so fun to watch our little lady with her babies and watch her sweet nurturing side.
This week, we had the amazing opportunity to spend some great time with Kim, Austin and my niece Ruby Grace. Can we just say...precious! Oh my mercy, Ruby Grace is just so darn cute, tiny and the sweetest little baby girl.
Harper thinks so too. In fact, Harper does not understand why she cannot hold Ruby as her own baby doll. It is adorable. She will follow anyone around that is holding Ruby and she mimics everything. When Kim gave Ruby a bottle, Harper tried to feed her baby, when Ruby was burped, Harper burped her baby. So sweet. Harper just talks and talks in her precious, tiny baby girl voice to her new BFF. When Kim and baby Ruby left our house, Harper cried and cried. Sweet girl, she loves her cousin so too Harper too!
Oh how I pray these sweet girls grow up to be the best of friends!!
Harper sat at the table like this for SO long just chatting it up with sleeping baby Ruby

Seriously!!! How precious is she!!

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