Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Littles

The little ones in our house are growing up. They are getting big and expressing their independence. 
For our littlest, her new found "growth" can be documented best in the following picture:
Yup, there you have sassy mcsassy sitting in timeout. Ugg she is expressing her opinions and her emotions in very no attractive ways resulting in a minute in timeout! (Luckily, the timeout works well to calm her down and move on to something else). Oh Lord help us. She will be the sweetest little handful!

Our middle child is growing into a mighty fine little boy. He truly is a little boy and no longer a toddler. He is becoming more and more independent, more social and he can be quite the stinker. Although, with a dietary change, he is gradually showing some improvements in some of the behavioral issues he has been expressing. I think the new growth in this little boy is best documented in the following two pictures:

Sweer little boy with his most current school picture. He looks so big....especially when you compare the picture from last year. He was just a baby. (He had one single tear in his eye in last years picture...but is all smiles in the new pic). Oh how far he has come in a single year!!!

This last picture is a favorite of mine. The two littles don't get along all that well, so when they do it's worth documenting!!!!

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